Types of event statuses

Event statuses

There are three different statuses for events:
  • Draft - the event has been created, but can still be edited. This is a good time for Leads from other groups to provide their input (change the description, name, etc.) and/or add expenses for the event.
  • Pending approval - the Leads for the Host or Co-host Groups have requested approval for the event. Only Admins can approve an event.
  • Updated requested - the event has been reviewed by an Admin, but changes have been requested. Calendar invites have not been sent out.
  • Approved - the event has been approved by an Admin. When an event is approved, the calendar invites are sent to the invitees and the video meeting link (Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet) is created.
  • Cancelled - the event has been cancelled by either the Leads or an Admin. Once an event is cancelled, it cannot be edited.