Azure SSO

Chezie integrates with Microsoft Azure AD for SSO. The following describes the set up for Azure SSO. Note: this is part of the company onboarding process. An IT admin will need to work with the
For the SSO to work, you will first need to register your application with your company's Microsoft Azure portal.

Enable OAuth in Microsoft Azure

1. From your Azure portal, search for App Registration and click it.
2. Enter Chezie into the Name field.
3. Select the Accounts in this organizational directory only
4. For the Redirect URI, select Web, and enter into the URL space.
5. Click Register to create the application.
6. Next, click on Certificates & secrets
6. Click to add New client secret
 7. Enter "Chezie Client Secret" into the description field.
8. Select 24 months for expiry.
9. Select ADD to create the client secret.
10. IMPORTANT: Do not close the tab until you have copied the Client Secret from this page. The secret can only be viewed after it is initially created.
11. Open Create a new note and copy and paste your Client ID, Client Secret, and Tenant ID into the note. We will need these to finish setting up your Azure SSO. When you have added all three items to the note, send the link to the Chezie team at [email protected]