Chezie integrates with Okta for SSO. The following describes the set up required for allowing SSO via Okta. Note: this is part of the company onboarding process. An IT admin will need to work with the

1. Log in to your OktaAdmin dashboard to create a new integration.

Login to your admin dashboard at, visit the applications tab and click the Create App Integration button to start your Chezie integration.

2. Choose your sign-in method and application type

Choose the OIDC - OpenID Connect sign-in method. Then choose Web Application.

3. Name your integration "Chezie"

The Okta login screen will depend on your Okta account settings. You have the option to upload the Chezie logo, although the Okta login screen will depend on your Okta account settings.
Chezie logo for use in setting up your Okta SSO integration.

4. Configure your grant type settings

Under Client acting on behalf of user, make sure Implicit (hybrid) is checked.

5. Enter your sign-in redirect URI.

Example: https://{companyname}

6. Select "Allow everyone in your organization to access" in your Controlled Access settings.

This ensures that all employees at your company with an Okta account can create a Chezie account and interact with your ERGs.

7. Click "Save" to confirm the Chezie integration.

8. Contact the Chezie support team to share your Client ID and Client Secret.

When you've completed steps 1-7, contact the Chezie support team ([email protected]). We will need your Client ID and Client Secret to finish setting up your Okta SSO. You can share both using