Suggested Group leadership roles

Note: depending on the maturity level of your Group, you might have a bigger or smaller leadership team. You may also have multiple people sharing the same role (i.e. Event Co-Leads).
*Roles that are “must-haves” in any Group


The President is the overall lead for the Group. This person reports to company leadership about the status of our group. This person also tracks and reports on the progress of our group towards our overall goals.

Executive Sponsor*

The Executive Sponsor advocates for our group to company leadership. This person serves as a mentor and advisor to our overall Group and to our Group leadership team.


This person is responsible for tracking group expenses and reporting expenses to our HR/DEI team on a quarterly basis.

Membership Lead

The Membership lead is responsible for recruiting employees to join and participate in the Group. This person is also responsible for tracking and reporting on membership metrics.

Events Lead

The Events Leads is responsible for planning events for our Group. This person is responsible for planning events in accordance with our group goals, gathering feedback on those events, communicating expenses with the Treasurer, and reporting on the success of events to the President.

Community Lead

This person is responsible for fostering community within our group. This person will support the Events Lead in planning social events, handle crisis situations if/when they arise and generally act as a community manager for our Group.