Admin permissions, explained

If you want to control what access different Admins have, you can do that by managing Admin permissions.
There are three different groups of Admin permissions:

Managing groups

  • Create new Groups - Admin can create new Groups
  • View members - Admin can view membership data for all Groups, including in-group vs. ally membership, and membership by department, office, and level.

Managing Users

  • Add new Leads - Admin can add new Leads for any Groups.
  • Add new Admins - Admin can give another user Admin permissions. Users with this permission can also edit permissions for other Admins.


  • Approve events - Admin can Approve events that are in draft or pending status. Users with this permission will receive notifications whenever a Lead requests approval for an event.
  • Create events - Admin can create new events for any Group.
  • Cancel events - Admin can cancel an event as long as the event has not already passed.

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